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We are happy to finally announce our By Olafsdóttir - Little Lambs collection of children's  T-shirts. 

ATTENTION: This product is a preorder and will be sold for the special price only until May 1st and will be shipped our as soon as they arrive here by the end of April. 


The sheep are all her own sheep, being a farmer in the small village of Æðuvík. 

All postcards will be printed and shipped from The Faroe Islands.

Showing the beauty of The Faroe Islands through my creativity has always been a dream of mine.

Living in this place surrounded by harsh seas, strong winds and dark winters photography started as a way to look for beauty in everything. Growing up in a small town as a farmers daughter, animals have always been close to my heart. Through this series I want to show the natural beauty and soul of these majestic creatures.