Hay for a Day - Sif

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With this purchase you are sponsoring Sif one of 89  Faroese Horses with Hay for a day. 

Sif is a 7 year old Faroese Mare with a big personality. Not only is her personality big, Sif is also herself one of the biggest Faroese horses there is at the moment. Sif came to the farm 2 and a half year ago shortly after giving birth to her foal Eiða, and of course Eiða came with her to the farm as well and is still here curtesy of Anjali Elisabeth. 

Sif is a bit more rough around the edges, knows what she wants always and even though the is the biggest - she is definitely not the pack leader, however she sees herself as the human pack leader - especially when it comes to my husband 🤣 

She is still very sweet and calm, especially when out in the field and is very gentle with small kids as well. She will happily share a meal with the sheep and will even move out of the way for them. 

Please leave you instagram handle @ and I'll share your feeding on my instagram profile @byolafsdottir. 


Thank you so much ❤️