After much request we've decided to add our SponsorSheep program back as an option to the website. 

When you choose to buy from our SponsorSheep collection, you will not get a physical product - but instead you will be sponsoring an animal on our farm. This option will be available for animals who need extra care and attention and the collection varies from year to year.

The Faroese Horses are also a part of this program, since they are a critically endangered breed with only 89 individuals left, we've chosen to dedicate our farm to help save the breed. At the moment this means that we have 4 mares, that in the nearest future will be part of the breeding program again and help grow the population. Other than that we'll be sponsoring other Faroese horses from time to time on here - because we like to help where we can. 


IWhen you choose to sponsor an animal on our farm you are welcome to leave your instagram handle @ and we'll tag you when we're using your sponsorship. Thank you so much for considering this option - we are a working farm, with animal welfare in focus. All of our animals are being cared for with lots of love and attention, we do the very best we can and sometimes even more than our abilities. But however when working with animals, especially fragile ones that might need extra care and attention - they don't always make it, and in farming there unfortunately isn't always a happy ending for everyone.