Hay for a Day - Heiða

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With this purchase you are sponsoring Heiða one of 89  Faroese Horses with Hay for a day. 

Heiða is a 9 year old Faroese Mare, she is actually one of the smallest Faroese Horses out there and looks more like a petit pony compared to the other ones - but she's been DNA tested and is 100% pure-bread Faroese. We were actually just suppose to take care of Heiða for a month, to see if her behavioural issues were due to stress at the stables she was living or just bad temper. Turned out Heiða fitted right in on our farm and all of her problems disappeared in just a few weeks after arriving at our farm - like most Faroese Horses she didn't like the enclosed area but likes to spend most of her time roaming and foraging outside. She is really good with most kids, especially those with special needs - however can be a bit picky about humans in general. Because of her small size only a handful of kids can ride her and they do it very well, she is very patient and gentle with them. 

Please leave you instagram handle @ and I'll share your feeding on my instagram profile @byolafsdottir. 


Thank you so much ❤️