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With this purchase you are sponsoring our upcoming foals - this year we aim to breed one or two of our Faroese mares, to make sure the population of this rare and endangered breed continues to grow. At the moment there are only 82 Faroese horses left and the Faroese breed is critically endangered - if nothing is done this breed will go extinct.   

4 mares; Iris, Sif, Eiða and Heiða all live on our farm in Æðuvík and are all Faroese breeding mares. We decided to give these mares a home, because we believe in the importance of saving this beautiful, unique and threatened breed from extinction. They are all being taken care of by us and sometimes even the village kids help out with pampering, moving fences and mocking stalls. Other than being fed hay twice a day during the winter, they are getting vitamins and minerals, hoof care and dentist care, the occasional mash bucket. They are also free to forage and roam in a big area - with constant access to the stable and fresh water ofc.

By donating to our private foal fund, you are helping us take care of the mare/s that will be used in breeding this year and we are forever grateful for your generosity -  if you'd like we'll send you a video via mail or Instagram with updates about the horses and foal update as well ❤️

Thank you so much ❤️ 


Our goal is to reach roughly 5000 Dkk for each foal, to make sure we can get things ready and feed the mares specialty feed while pregnant.