Sponsor Sheep: number 90

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Have you ever dreamed of farming sheep? How about sheep in The Faroe Islands?

Number 90 is a black ewe lamb, with a characteristic white back foot. She is born in May 2020 and belongs to the northern flock. Her best friends are Elias, Flekka, Hulda and number 68. She is always the last one to the party and can also be seen hanging out with the chickens on occasion. 


This year has been a tough one for us, with unforeseen expanses, lots of rain and snow and hungry animals who need to be fed hay throughout the winter. By the end of January we used up the last of our own hay, and therefore must now purchase hay bales for the remainder of the winter, which we anticipate will be until April. Following a suggestion from our supportive Instagram community, we started this program.


By Sponsoring a Faroese Sheep for one year, you will help our beautiful sheep continue to thrive. Your contribution will help us continue to care for your Sponsored Faroese Sheep so that it can continue to live a long life here on the farm with us and it's friends, happily fed and humanely cared for with your help and support. Animal welfare is of the utmost importance to us here at Hanusarstova, and your Sponsorship will directly benefit your Faroese Sheep by providing it with hay & treats during conditions where it is unable to forage for itself.


BY SPONSORING A SHEEP YOU WILL GET: Naming rights of the sheep, a newsletter about your sheep with photos and updates, and also an A4 poster of your sheep!

You are of course always welcome to visit your sheep here at the farm and we'll make you some coffee and cake, too! We do rounds with vaccinations, deworming and other medical checkups three times a year and you'll get notified as to when this will happen - you're welcome to join in, and even learn how to cut your own wool if you'd like!

Disclosure: We at Hanusarstova do our very best to provide our sheep with the best life possible, with appropriate amounts of feed & treats, and continued medical care. However, as with with all livestock animals, our sheep can fall ill where it's out of our hands to save them - especially the older sheep.

In the unfortunate event that your sheep passes, we will do our best to allow you to sponsor another sheep for the remainder of your yearly period, or we'll otherwise keep you updated on the entire flock!

Our sheep that are part of our Sponsorship program will not be used for meat and will live out their days with us at Hanusarstova, roaming the beautiful terrain here in the Faroe Islands.

Hanusarstova is a working sheep farm and our currently permitted maximum number of sheep is 68; we have some sheep meant for breeding and other sheep meant to sell for meat. Although I don't like this part of sheep farming, it is a way of life and means for helping us to support ourselves. We find comfort in that the food that we consume has had a good life, hopefully you understand this too.